We all want to have our health guaranteed, but in the vast majority of cases, medical procedures are expensive, and we do not always have the resources to pay for them, and the elderly are no exception, because, to take care of their health, they should have medical checkups more often, in addition to, in some cases, need certain medications.

Under this premise, medical insurance was created, which are contracts concluded between a person and an insurance company, in which the person who hires the company agrees to pay a certain amount with a periodicity and, in exchange, the company Insurer absorbs part or all of the cost of certain medical procedures.

Medical insurance is an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to guarantee that their health is taken care of without having to spend a lot of money on doctors or medicines, as it is as if it were a great discount on this type of expenses in exchange for a monthly payment.

There are several types of health insurance, among them are those intended to benefit the elderly, they are specific to them because they have a more accessible cost, so that a retired person, or a family member, can afford it.

Health insurance for the elderly usually covers a large number of risks, such as dental procedures, assisted living, among others. These insurances also cover drugs associated with pre-existing diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, among others.

All Risk medical insurance and its benefits

For the elderly

There is a type of insurance not only for the elderly but for all people regardless of their age: All risk insurance, which covers so many different risks, that it can be considered that it covers everything, that’s where its name comes from. Comprehensive insurance, due to this characteristic, is not particularly cheap, in fact, this type of insurance is the most expensive there is. However, the fact that they allow our elderly relatives to be very well insured outweighs the fact that they have a high price.

However, the price and risks covered by comprehensive insurance depend on the company that offers them. For example, in Baja California, Mexico, there are insurance companies that cover multiple medical services, such as plastic surgery and assisted living.

Plastic surgery Tijuana is known nationally for its quality and excellent aesthetic results it brings, this kind of medical procedures are covered by health insurance forelderly, so they can better see through plastic surgery Tijuana at a more affordable price for our pocket.

In addition, these insurances cover assisted living, where older people need assistance to perform certain tasks such as sitting, getting up or crossing the street. Assisted living Mexico is known for the friendliness of the patients and the fact that those in assisted living centers have reported very good service they have provided them. Health insurance covers these types of expenses, so that the resident or their family members have to pay little or nothing for the service assisted living in Mexico.