Medical tourism is increasing in Tijuana, since it has great advantages, the first of them is that the procedures are much cheaper than in the United States, and the second is that you can know wonderful places! because in the days before and after the procedure in Tijuana there is a lot to see.


Rosarito Beach


This is one of the favorite places for locals and tourists to surf and dive, as its beaches are beautiful and in it the waves are high.


The Malecón, the best view of the sunset


The boardwalk is the tour meeting point, since it is located in the middle of the city, and, in addition, there is the border fence and the monumental square. If you want to take pictures of a fabulous sunset, this is the main point!


Revolution Avenue


One of the main tourist places in Tijuana, where you will find the most artistic expressions is Avenida Revolución.


On this street, you will find several graphic artists, as well as galleries, nightclubs, and incomparable restaurants where you can enjoy the delicious typical Mexican food.


Cultural center, ideal if you go with your family.


Tijuana is an ideal place to go with your family, so they will enjoy their vacation while you perform the procedure you need. One of the ideal places to go with children is the Tijuana cultural center, which contains a museum, an aquarium, and an IMAX dome, in it, there is a 180-degree screen, which allows you to have the feeling of being inside the film.


Tecate the magical town


In Tijuana, you will find Tecate, a tourist site in which there are more than 100 different sites that have rock paintings, made by the first settlers of the state. In addition, you can taste their baked bread in brick vaults, an ancient technique that gives this product a really special flavor.


The Rumorosa, a road that whispers


The Rumorosa is a road that has a unique characteristic because when the wind touches the rock formations that surround it emits a particular sound, similar to when many people speak in the distance. When the wind is very strong, you hear some really curious whistles.


From there you can contemplate a beautiful view, so it can be one of the most mystical places in Tijuana.



Parque Morelos, to close with a flourish


This is an extremely special family place, so if you visit a dentist in Tijuana or you perform a Botox Tijuana procedure, you can certainly visit Morelos park. It is an ecological reserve, which includes 7 gardens of different styles, an interactive center and also a water park, and a zoo.


You can also enjoy the scenery by taking a walk around on the lake, or a ride on the safari train, in which you will enter an extremely interesting tour of the main sites of the park. It is ideal for young children and older adults with mobility difficulties.